Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Seat Guru talks about airline seating

I remember discovering this website: SeatGuru a few years ago, and using it to guide my airline seat selection. I then found it to be a little formulaic, as opposed to its original genisis which was founded on personal experience and recommendation.  If seats were close to the toilets or the galley, then: 'the proximity to the lavitories/galley could be bothersome.' I must say that I love the use of the word 'bothersome' - so old-fashioned - so correct.

Anyway - I still use it occasionally to check that I am getting the best seat I can. Matt Daimler made some money form it when he sold it to Tripadvisor.  It became useful again when they added the function whereby you type in your flight code, and it will show the aircraft and seat configuration, and recommended seats.

He still keeps abreast developments in seating - check out his views.

Source: Sydney Morning Herald

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