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Calling all Font and Kearning Nerds

If you are transfixed by the correct kearning of letters of a typeface, or want to understand what kearning is, or just want to amuse yourself for 5 or 10 minutes, then this site is for you:

Kearning Type - The Kearning Game

After 10 goes getting 100%, I proclaimed myself champion, and wrote this post.

Source: Reece Karena Qantas Lounges soon to have Optus as their ISP Qantas Lounges soon to have Optus as their ISP: Australian Business Traveller today reports that Qantas is ditching Telstra as its ISP in lounges, and has signed an agreement with Opt...

Friday, October 7, 2011

Dear John (Borghetti)

Dear Mr John Borghetti,

Thank you for matching my Frequent Flyer Status on Star Alliance, and giving me a Velocity Silver card.

Thank you for running an airline that is not plagued by industrial unrest.

Thanks for giving me two free entries to 'The Lounge'. I really liked the one in Brisbane - its crisp and modern and the barista made me a great coffee, but frankly the Sydney Lounge needs a total makeover. It looks like the equivalent of a middle aged hand with badly chipped nail varnish.

Thank you for having a priority boarding lane on all gates.

Oh, and thanks to the lounge staff who let my partner enter the lounge on the same pass, and the flight attendant who gave me a free snack because my partner was on a flexible fair ticket.

Thanks for moving your airline from the budget end, to something like a full service airline.

But, Mr Borgetti, you have to do something about my home terminal. Your Sydney terminal is like an underground bunker combined with the poker machine floor, including the carpet from a leagues club. It's just not a pleasant experience to be in compared to the open airiness of the Qantas terminal.

You gave me the best business class service I have ever had on my flights between Sydney and LA, but until that Sydney Domestic Terminal is upgraded, or you join the Star Alliance, my loyalty will not be completely won over.

I want to be seduced to your side - but you are going to have to try just that little bit harder.


(so close its touching) Wannabe Fan