Sunday, July 3, 2011

Bathrobe sexism - or alien design?

I want to see if others share my experience of hotel bathrobes.

They are insanely useful things.
  • You can lounge about in them while you are waiting for all your laundry to be done and returned to you. 
  • You can throw them on when actually you were stark naked just before room service arrived. 
  • You can use them to hide/disguise the bits you don't want your partner to see before you douse the lights
  • You can avoid getting dressed for ages
But, there seems to be a conspiracy afoot. Initially I thought confined to Asian hotels, but I believe it is more widespread.

Hotel bathrobes seem to be made for people with minute waists, located directly below their armpits. Often if two bathrobes are provided, then one is even more minute than the other.

This is wrong. It assumes that one partner will be smaller than the other, and that both partners have waists directly below their armpits. Neither of these is usually true, except possibly in the case of aliens, who may or may not have waists directly below their armpits.

I am presuming that this is a left over sexist attitude that the female will be smaller in the waist department than the male. Now this is just patently not true. Have a look here (People of Walmart) if you don't believe me.

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