Friday, May 20, 2011

Qantas Club Telstra WiFi Hotspot - can anyone ever log in?

Dear Telstra,

It's great that you provide free WiFi connections in Qantas Club Lounges. Only problem is – they don't work.
Let me qualify that. If there are more than about 2 people trying to connect, they don't work.

I have spent time in Qantas club lounges on six occasions in the last few weeks, and have only managed to login once – and I think the other guy logged in too.

Now - I don't particularly care, because I didn't have anything more urgent to do than check emails from my clients who provide my livelihood. But, Telstra, I was thinking that this problem might not be so good in the PR department.  You see if I was a businessman (which I am) and I continually couldn't get access to your promised hotspot (which I couldn't) I might not be likely to recommend your services to my company (which I havn't). In fact – my experience might give me a slightly negative view of your services (which it does).

Do you think my view is misguided?

Yours sincerely,

refused telstra hotspot user

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