Thursday, July 31, 2014

Bears Hate J.Crew

From one of my favourite websites - Joe. My. God:
JMG reader Dick snapped the above photo at the J. Crew outlet in Soho. I called the store and the clerk that answered the phone said the slogan is a reference to the "campfire theme" of the window display. She said that she was unaware of the meaning of "bear" in gay circles and that the Columbus Circle store has the same display artist and therefore the same display and window slogan. Still, it seems like an odd word choice. Unless there's a straight window display artist working in Manhattan, which seems rather unlikely. Photo source.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

I want Kalinda's Notebook!

I'm a bit of a fan of 'The Good Wife', but even more of a fan of the orange notebook that Kalinda Sharma always carries.

Despite my smart phone, laptop, and iPad Mini, I still like to carry a notebook to take to meetings, jot down to-do lists (and more importantly: tick them off), sketch, take notes and generally use as a record of my business life.

I currently use a RHODIA. I like the feel of their paper - they do make one in orange, but I can never find it in stock - so I am stuck with the designers default: black.

Orange is kind of my signature colour, So Kalinda's notebook is my point of envy.

Moleskin - don't seem to do one in Orange at all. Pinetti do an orange leather cover, but it doesn't look as polished as Kalinda's.

I have a sneaking suspicion that it is not a RHODIA, but HERMÉ. In which case, I'm looking at more than AU$600plus $140 for the refill.

Anyone know of any other options?


For More:, or if budget is no problem Hermés

UPDATE: I think I just found the prefect Kalinda's notebook!