Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I want your head on a 3D Platter using Sculpteo

3D printing has come along way.  Now you can create things on an App for your iPhone/iPad, and have them rendered in 3D, with finishes including coloured plastic, ceramic, and even sliver and sent back to you.  It's not cheap, but it is amazing!
"The designs are based on photographs you take of yourself or a friend. Sculpteo’s app turns your face’s profile into a 3D object, such as the vase shown here. You can also transform it into a number of other objects, such as a bowl, plate, or mug. Once you’ve completed the design, you upload it and Sculpteo sends it to a local 3D printing facility which manufactures the object using a ceramic printing process."
This is not a full on 3D design tool - rather a range of products available in the iPad/iPhone application that you can personalise, and have made for you.

Be warned - these objects are not cheap. I'm not sure I want to spend over $400 on a 22cm plastic vase I personalised on my iPhone.

The Sculpteo.com website has an even broader range produced in association with various designers, at every kind of pricepoint starting from under $10.

This is a wonderful innovation - and as the price of 3D modelling drops, this is going to become a wonderful app and service.

Scource: iTunes, VentureBeat

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