Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Temple Run, races towards 20 million downloads - those crazy skull topped monkeys!

If you havn't succumbed to the adrenalin rush of the Temple Run game, then you are not one of the 20 million who have downloaded the app for iPhone and iPad.

The game is free, and pretty simple.  You get to run at increasing speed to avoid the sinister death threatening monkeys. You collect coins, which buy you special powers and different personalities along the way. If your impatient, you can part with actual money to fast-track your upgrade into additional powers.

The model pursued by makers Imangi Studios, is to get maximum take up by offering the app free, and taking a much lower percentage of monetisation by players than most game producers usually do.
Many games make it extremely difficult to complete the later levels or competing directly against other players if you haven’t paid. In contrast, Temple Run focuses on an accessible user experience that boosts retention and sharing, with just 1% choosing to pay. This allowed it to become the top grossing iOS game through massive traction, instead of topping out around 1 million DAU with 4% monetizing like other games.
As the developers say, a hit like this game could fund their endeavours for years.

If your platform is Android - don't worry, the game will be available on that platform soon.

Scource: TechCrunch