Monday, May 2, 2011

Logo design - what are the current trends?

If you look along the design shelves of any respectable bookseller, you will have seen Logo Lounge publications.

Part of what they have done for the last nine years is report - or collect trends in logo's and issue a report.  They have just released their 2011 logo design trends report, noting developments in the last year.

Check out the full report, but here is a taste.

Trends for 2011 are:

  • Gradients
  • Juvi (as in Juvenilia)
  • Vibrate (deliberate misregistration or blur)
  • 'O' - the form
  • Earth - everytihing on or in
  • Monoline - literally or almost so
  • Series - somwtime as a collection of brands
  • Brown - the colour
  • Dandruff - as in logos populated by snow, or degradation - usally to give faux age
  • Concentric - lines, forms
  • Loopys - often with a hand-drawn flavour
  • Banded
  • Comma
  • Buckys - as in Buckminster Fuller - shapes together making shapes
  • Fruit


The report also gives credeit to some other forms including the 'Back again, Isometric, Blackhole, PickUpSticks, reactive and medalions.

As usual, there are some good, bad, and naturally ugly examples.

SOURCE: JustCreativeDesign

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