Monday, February 20, 2006

Looking for the perfect Web Designer

Advertising for a new member of our team can be a daunting experience.

Firstly, it makes you confront what your business is about, and nail down what skills you're in need of.

Secondly, creating a new position, means that you are making a committment to a person, to keep them in wages, and work.

Thirdly, bringing in a new person can change the balance in a small organisation.

And fourthly, in this modern world, with internet advertising, you have to wade through scores of applications that don't even meet your minimum requirements. Unfortunately the convenience of the internet means you get a deluge of applicants that have just clicked that button on that says 'Send Resume'.

Finally, it is also exciting. What will the new employee bring with them? A new way of looking at our clients needs? Better jokes round the office? . . . the excitement of the new ?

If you are interested in applying - you will find an outline of the job here.

Monday, February 13, 2006

The death of Advertising Agencies - a little premature

In the Monday edition of the Financial Review, the death of the advertising agency was 'announced'. 'Ad revolution leaves agencies out in the cold'(unfortunately the article is only available to subscribers online)

I exaggerate a little.

The article does however point out that organisations are more and more turning to consultants who specialise in marketing to boost sales, rather than to traditional advertising agencies who - if anything - specialise in creative ideas, especially for television advertising.

However - as Matthew Melhuish of BMF Advertising points out - a good creative idea will always have value:

" There are still too many clients who see creativity as nice to have but not essential, They don't understand that the only way to engage busy, advertising-literate consumers and cut through the marketing clutter is to develop strong ideas"

While I agree - he does imply that marketing consultants don't have good creative ideas.

A view that I am sure some would challenge.