Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Now a website to get Michele Bachman's 'Crazy Eyes'

For those of you who don't necessarily follow USA politics.  The front runner in the recent Iowa 'Ames Straw Poll' event to pick the Republican Party presidential candidate is Michele Bachmann.  She has been known for a while as 'Crazy Eyes' - particularly after Tina Brown put her on the cover of Newsweek (now part of the dailybeast.com.

Now, of course, as the internet goes, someone has develped a site, where those 'Crazy Eyes' are interposed onto various famous people.  Strangely, the most disturbing example is Michele's 'Crazy Eyes' placed on her suspected closetcase, 'pray the gay away' therapist husband Marcus.

I really want to see Tony Abbot with those Crazy Eyes. Anyone with the time and photoshop skills? - or ask here.

Source: JoeMyGod

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