Tuesday, July 26, 2011

What annoys people in hotels

In a recent hotel survey in North America, guest satisfaction levels dropped. This is probably to do with occupancy rates rising, so guests are not getting the upgrades to better rooms and other perks hoteliers were offering in the dark days of the post financial crisis hotel scene.

More interesting is that nearly one in five guests experienced a problem during their visit. The most common irritation was noise (16%). Noteably, less than half of those bothered by noise made an effort to complain to management. 13% had a problem with their internet connection (I must figure in those statistics), and 60% of those reported the problem to management.

Other interesting factoids: Ritz-Carlton outscored Four Seasons, and experts recommend that you do complain when service doesn't meet your expectation.

I'll be taking up that recommendation.

Source: CNN

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