Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Decided on your destination, picked your hotel - now choose your room

Having carefully selected a hotel that meets your style, location and budget needs, nothing can stuff up a trip more than finding your room allocation overlooks a carpark/brothel/nightclub/all night pharmacy/busy highway/garbage dump/building site.

Now, you no longer need leave what hotel room you get to chance.  The new hotel website Room77 almost does the selection for you.  Well not quite, but it will give you  floor plan of the hotel and indicate which rooms are to be avoided, which are OK, and which are really good.

The really good tend to be the room category that you can't afford, but the 'OK' category mostly covers standard rooms.

You can look through a hotel floor by floor, and even get a sort of semi 3D view of what you can see from your room, via google's street view.

I used it recently to make sure I didn't get a room I wanted to avoid.

The site has some issues - ideally this should be a smartphone app, so that you can type the room number you are allocated by reception, and evaluate it before accepting. Making it a website, means you could be trying to check your room before the hotel has even given you wifi access.

It's a beta version - so improvements are still to come and mainly covers the USA. See what you think.

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