Friday, August 5, 2011

Update to Computer / Hotel email scam

Here is an update to my entry about the hotel/email scam. I actually received two of the scam emails. Here is one:
Dear Client!

Transaction: Credit Card 4920_fXqpb
On July 26th, 2011 Hotel made wrong transaction from your account for an overall amount of $1752. This partner hotel was divested accreditation in Moverick Company with reference of noncompliance of the service contract. Please see the attached form. You need to fill it in and contact your bank for the return of funds. In the attachment you will find expense sheet with the sum of wrong transaction debiting.
Company just mediates and bears no responsibility for any money transactions made by Hotel. Sorry for the inconvenience. We trust you can solve this unpleasant problem.

Keven Benes,
Manager of Reception Desk & Reservation Departament
And of course there was the inevitable attachment, that if opened would release the virus.

The 'refund' form is actually a nasty Trojan horse virus that attempts to install bogus antivirus sofware on your computer, which provides annoying alerts to phantom security problems on your computer. It then keeps pestering you until you pay some money to buy a phony antivirus product.

The trick is - of course - not to open the attachment in the first place - or use your anti Virus software. Also make sure your anti-Virus software is up to date, as spammers change the code on their viruses regularly to circumvent your protection software.

Just goes to show, you should never trust someone who puts an exclamation after the salutation.

Additional Info: Scamtends

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