Thursday, August 4, 2011

John Travlota removed from Qantas - at last!

It's strange how John Travolta who these days just seems to want to fly planes gets involved in the stoush between The Australian and International Pilots Association, and Qantas Management.

Qantas has recently removed the in-flight safety video featuring the Scientology believing American star.  The Pilots Assocation say that it is because Travolta talks about 'Australian Pilots' when Qantas is rumoured to replace them with outsourced and off shore alternatives.

Have they considered it is just because:
  1. The safety video is not very good
  2. the last time I saw it the copy was scratched and distorted
  3. Passengers are distracting the pilots because of their volume of groans each time the video plays?
  4. Qantas management got as bored as passengers already are with viewing the video?
Well those are my theories.  For anyone who hasn't seen the video - its presented below for your viewing pleasure - or pain, depending on you point of view.  This clip from Fox - also reminds us that Qantas Crew weren't too happy when the video was first introduced:

Scource: fox, SMH, and others

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