Monday, August 1, 2011

British American Airlines ?

If you want a really BIG airline:

AMERICAN Airlines has raised the prospect of a full merger with British Airways and Iberia in a move that would create the world's largest carrier.
Tom Horton, the American Airlines president, said he believed that restrictions on the foreign ownership of US carriers would be relaxed before he retires -- he is 50.
International Airlines Group, which owns the BA and Iberia brands, was given regulatory permission to form a transatlantic alliance with AA last year. The $US7 billion ($6.4bn)-a-year joint venture allows them to co-operate on schedules, sell each other's flights and share revenues from transatlantic operations.
They are already co-ordinating flights between London and New York. And if they do merge, they will be the biggest airline company in the world.

Scource: Reuters. The Australian

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