Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Tap turning as a test of masculinity

There's a bathroom I visit regulary.

Recently new people moved in.  Two men, and six women.  So with me, there are only three people who visit the male toilet.

Since they moved in, the cold tap has required particular force to turn it on, due to the vigor with which it has been turned off.

This is no leaky tap. A gentle turning completed with fingertip touch staunches all flow.

Besides my obvious concern that the washer will be worn out sooner rather than later - do you think that this person is consciously providing a daily masculinity test for the other males in our building?

Should I place the sign I have prepared  'Tap turning does not need to be a test of masculinity' above the tap?

Or is this over-firm closure just a habit borne of their experience of poorly performing washers elsewhere?

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