Saturday, April 23, 2011


I've had an iPad since just after they first came out. I have probably used it every day since. Non-iPad people ask me all the time - 'What do you use it for?'.  Well here is the top 10 list:
  1. Viewing the Sydney Morning Herald, because it has not been delivered on time, or I'm traveling
  2. Catching up on email while I'm watching TV
  3. Writing blog entries while I'm on the bus/train/watching TV
  4. Reading books, or that terribly important Christopher Hitchens article just published in Vanity Fair
  5. drawing/doodling when I have a design idea and I'm not near my desk or a pencil and paper
  6. Showing my travel photos to friends and family
  7. Sharing presentations at small meetings - everyone can see it, or can grab it to look up the website they want you to know about
  8. Showing clients PDF's of design options
  9. Watching video when there is nothing I want to watch on the inflight video - or when there is no inflight video
  10. Showing how cool the iPad is to my clients and friends
I have a few others, like listening to all the podcasts I keep on it, playing games, and keeping my workout records - but they don't fit into the top 10.

I'm currently in-between iPads. I sold my old one on eBay, sending it to the wilds of Perth, to some lucky (but slightly cranky) purchaser, and my new one doesn't arrive until May.

I am in withdrawal.

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