Friday, April 1, 2011

Office-home more than Home-office

Not a home-office, or office-home, but a desk in a Shanghai Grand Hyatt Suite
At my workplace, a new tenant has just moved in.

With about 7 or 8 staff, I expected them to use the pre-existing exchange phone system.  You can have multiple lines in, pick up from every extenion, have general and direct lines, as well as an answering machine, music on hold etc etc.

Instead they are using standard off-the-shelf (think Dick Smith/Harvey Norman/Good Guys) multiple station cordless home phone type handsets.

Each of their computers seems to be connected to its own domestic style printer. No networked printer. In fact I am not sure they are running any kind of network, or server.

They seem to be surviving on re-purposed kitchen tables and what I suspect are collapsible event-type tables. A domestic lounge, chairs, and a bunch of 'persian' carpets and beanbags seem to complete the decoration. Unlike our past tenants, no wall decoration, signage, or self publicty.

So, is the distinction between the home and the office environment changing - or are our new tenants just running on a shoestring?

Everyone seems to have a home-office - but an office-home?

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