Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Why don't TV programs start on time?

This week Conviction Kitchen (its the show that takes advantage of underprivileged people in the guise of helping them - but that's fodder for another post) on Channel 7 ran 12 minutes overtime according to my Foxtel Electronic Program Guide (EPG).

My guilty pleasure on Monday evening is watching a pre-recorded Brothers and Sisters episode.

So - I missed the last 12 minutes of what fortunately was not a particularly enthralling episode (It's OK my life didn't depend on seeing the dénouement)

I pre-record because it clashes with something else I like to watch, and anyway, the whole point of time shifting is:
  1. to fast forward through the ads, and reduce viewing time by 25%
  2. watching things at a convenient time for me, and not the TV channel broadcasting it

Channel 7 do it because it can affect ratings (which run on in quarter hour blocks), and I think because they are bloody minded, and want to discourage time-shifting, and hence skipping through ads, or maybe they have another reason that I'm not aware of.

The problem for them is, that this kind of behaviour just becomes another reason for consumers to ignore broadcasters, and embrace illegal downloading - because at least that way, they can get it when they want it, and without the ads.

Buy the DVD legally you say?  Right, and wait 3 months until they are finally released - not likely.

Viewing is still about timeliness, team.

Oh - and next time I will remember to press that +20 minutes feature on my Foxtel IQ - that I suspect was developed precisely because of the untrustworthiness of their free-to-air brothers and sisters.

(image from Yahoo 7 website screen grab)

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