Sunday, March 27, 2011

Texting while driving - there's an app for that!

As a pedestrian, I notice drivers texting all the time.  They do it at lights, and then continue after someone has honked them because they missed the lights change.
Back in January, T-Mobile launched DriveSmart, an Android app which automatically disables the ability to text whenever it detects that you’re driving.

That launch, it seems, has started a trend.

Sprint’s now getting in on the anti-texting fun, announcing plans to launch a similar (or identical, really; it’s made by the same people) service called “Drive First” in Q3 of this year. Like T-Mobile’s offering, this one’ll be for Android only. Also like T-Mobile’s service, it won’t be free — but at $2 a month, it’s less than half of the $4.99 that T-Mobile is charging.
You can always make money from people's stupidity


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