Tuesday, March 22, 2011

7:30 Report - Can we Talk?

New hosts, new name, new logo, but somebody forgot the innovation.

How is it possible to re-launch a national current affairs show, and forget to give it a personality. I'm not talking about Chris Uhlmann, or Leigh Sales - although they both need to find their feet in this new format - I'm talking about the point of difference with the old the 7:30 Report. It doesn't have one.

Having the opening with the host talking in front of a hug screen, or a new really ugly loud and unsubtly ugly logo doesn't make it different. All it seems to do is remind us that we are missing Kezza. Change is always difficult, and even I who hopes to embrace change find myself, saying "why couldn't it be like before?"

Ok enough kvetching. You have another 6 weeks 7:30 Report before I will really make a judgment.

You have a NSW election, and a great big New Tax (Cut) - depending on who you listen to, an earthquake/tsunami, a potential middle eastern war, and a budding nuclear disaster. That should be enough for a current affairs show to create a reputation on.

1 comment:

  1. If you're going to get your host to promenade fashion model-like in front of a gigantic screen then you've gone for the wrong host in the professional but frumpy Leigh Sales. Anyway, the question should always be: what would Christine Amanpour do?