Thursday, February 24, 2011

Why I joined the QANTAS club, and why it is now so crappy

I have been a member of the QANTAS club since the mid 90's. I used to love:
  • the quiet, 
  • the access to food and drink
  • the relative absence of screaming children
  • The ability to work while on a business trip, or the ability to relax if not
The scheme has been supremely successful for QANTAS. But it didn't take long for the clubs to get crowded, So they made them bigger.

Slowly but surely those 5pm party pies (and who doesn't like a party pie?) disappeared, and then the hot food vacated the building - except for soup (is soup even a food group?).

But still I would stump up for the membership, because it was better than sitting around with the other denizens of the airport.

After a 2 hour plus stint at the Club at Melbourne's domestic airport on a recent Sunday - I'm not so sure.

It's tatty, very noisy, crowded, with an unpleasant atmosphere. Not relaxing, and not conducive to work.

It doesn't just need a re-furb. I think the concept needs a re-think.

The more it looks like a cafeteria, the less likely it is to distinguish itself from other facilities at the airport.

And with these proposed 'improvements' should I stay a member?

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