Sunday, February 20, 2011

Why do ABC TV's motion graphics look like cheap flyers

Well the simple answer is because they lack any creativity.

The example above is their news bumper, but there is another one - I think for current affairs maybe (it's about as memorable as Tony Abbott's policy on climate change). All it contains is words animated, swinging like gates, on that rather sickly blueish sky sort of no horizon thing. And while we are talking about that blue. What kind of a blue is that? It's not the blue you see in Northern Australia, nor the blue you see in the desert. I don't think it s blue you see in the Tasmanian sky either.  To me its a kind of English drizzley sky blue.

This all seems to be part of the ABC's 'Think' campaign. Not a terrible concept, but the execution! Cheap like Christopher Pyne's laugh. How is it that the ABC constantly gets it station's motion graphics sooo wrong, and SBS get them sooo right.

ABC - Please explain?

For further information on the re-branding and a few vicious reactions see Campaign Brief


  1. Sooo wrong = Clean and Nice?

    Sooo right = Overly Complex?

  2. 'Nice' is such a damning word

    'Overly Complex' sounds like envy