Tuesday, January 10, 2012

iPad Apps for Web Designers

To avoid that feeling overwhelmed a the Apple App store, here are a list of Apps for web designers (with links to the Apple App store):
  1. Adobe Ideas – Digital sketchbook
  2. iMockups – mockups for web, iPhone and iPad Apps
  3. Mocking Pad – more wireframes but with annoying felt-tip font
  4. OmniGraffle – planning of diagrams, charts, wireframes and other layouts – more pricey than other Apps
  5. SketchyPad – more wireframes, but with colour
  6. DropBox – utility for syncing content between multiple devices (eg iPad + computer)
  7. Evernote – note-taking and archiving app to store imagery and ideas
  8. Photoshop Express – photo editing on the run
  9. Textastic – text editing app for codeing
  10. Gusto – more text editing for coers, but has file transfer (FTP and SFTP)
  11. Typography Insight – type comparison tool
  12. CSS3Machine – CSS styles creation and testing
  13. .net – practical web design publication on CSS, PHP,  JavaScipt & HTML5
This list, with longer summaries is available at WebDesign.Tutsplus.com

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