Monday, January 16, 2012

Android apps designers to toe the google line

Arguably, one of the reasons fans love apple is the consistency of the user experience across applications and devices.  It looks like Google has realised that this is an important aspect of success for the Android operating system as well:
Google won’t pull apps from the Android market just because they’re fugly and do things weirdly—in fact, Apple won’t either—but even Google recognizes the value of a consistent interface and design across the Android platform, particularly as it extends itself to embrace not just smartphones but tablets and even television. To that end, Google has unveiled it’s first design guide for Android apps—and it was created by Matias Duarte, formerly the lead designer at Palm and (before that) Helio and Danger.
If they get this right, and police it right, Android could convert some of those 'Appleofiles'

Scource: Digital Trends

The Guide: Android Design

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