Friday, June 3, 2011

Baggage changes move Qantas closer to half-full service airline

I got an email today alerting me to changes in Qantas checked baggage rules.  Basically it means unless you are a platinum frequent flyer, you can only have one bag in the hold.

The weight changes depending on your status.  Economy = 23 kg, and Business = 32 kg - which is weird, as baggage handlers say they won't handle anything over 27kg.  So Qantas - how does that work with your baggage handler collegues.

I presume this is all to do with cost cutting - maybe Qantas get charge per item rather than by weight or something.

It all means less service for the same price.  Now in economy, that might be fine, but pissing off your business passengers when you are about to face competition on the business seats front from Virgin for the first time since Ansett folded, seems like an odd tactic.

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