Friday, July 22, 2016

Why are all the graphic design conferences in Australia disappearing?

What is going on?  Neither of my two favourite design conferences are appearing this year.

I just got an email from 'Sex, Drugs & Helvetica' to say that after 5 years, they have all decided to 're-focus on new professional and personal challenges'. Which means the conference will be no more. Really sad about this, as this one day case study focussed conference was incredibly interesting, and I attended for my first time last year.

Yesterday, I got an email from IdeasOnDesign which after a lot of ramble, told me that there would be no conference in Australia this year, but it would be held in Foshan, China in November - no dates specified!

I think that just leaves Semi-Permenant (not my favourite conference) - which I missed earlier this year due to travel. My only chance to attend it this year would be if I travelled to Auckland FFS!

Might have to just save my pennies and go to Montreal in 2017:

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