Sunday, April 27, 2014

New App tells you what airlines owe you when they stuff you around

When an airline bumps you from a flight because of overbooking, or when you flight is outragously delayed, there are rules about what an airline owes you,

If you have ever been in this position and had to work out who owes what to whom between airlines, airports, insurance companies, credit card providers, and travel agents, then here is an App that might make it all a bit simpler. No longer will you have to wade through T&C's fine print, or wait on a phone line, while someone somewhere says they may have to 'escalate' your enquiry - and that is if you can actually get someone to answer your call.

AirHelp - a site and phone app might be just what you need.

I'm about to try it, but in the meantime - read this from TechCrunch,
or if your up for it download here from iTunes

Oh - and remember although the App is free, they take 25% of the compensation - but given the time that can be wasted in sorting this kind of stuff out - maybe its worth it.

Thanks Isaac for the tip.

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