Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Most of Sydney comes from New Zealand (or Adelaide)

The advantage of using internet job ads like seek.com is that you get hundreds of applicants. The downside is you do get hundreds of applicants - that don't meet your criteria.

Last year I ended up interviewing about 16 people out of a total of 150 applicants. Only one of them was a perfect fit. It took me a day or two to come to this conclusion - meanwhile they accepted another job.

Just as I was about to give up - an email from a newly arrived New Zealander. Interview, tryout day, appoint without delay!

Reece has been with us a couple months now, and a well as being tempted by the bright lights of Sydney, he's settling in as a wonderful designer.

He reminds me of my move from Adelaide to Sydney about 20 something years ago.

Sydney is one of those places filled with people from elsewhere

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